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Junior Primary

Our Junior Primary children thrive in the relaxed, yet controlled atmosphere of the Aftercare where they are encouraged to attend all Extra Mural activities run by the school between playing co-operatively with a guaranteed selection of playmates!

These children bring lunch from home and are provided with juice and biscuits during the afternoon. Homework club is also available on a voluntary basis.

To Pay for Aftercare click here.

Times: 12h45/13h50 – 17h00 (You may collect at any time)
Cost: R1 550.00 (per term)
Casual daily rate : R100.00

*All children registered for aftercare will be charged a once off R60.00 fee per annum.

Registration for aftercare opens on the first day of the new school year and remains open for 2 days, even if you are sending your child to aftercare at a later date you would still need to register during these first 2 days.



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