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Grade 3 Sugar Terminal

Sugar Terminal 1 (Small)

By “Justine” Grade 3 Schoeman

We were so excited on the bus. I wanted the bus to start but it took for ages.  Then it finally started. I saw a TV on the bus and I wanted it on. My friends and I were singing songs.

We all jumped off the bus and went into the room. In there they taught us all about sugar cane. We saw a video it was about how you turn sugar cane into sugar. There’s lots of steps.

Then they took us to see the mounds of sugar. It looked like a mountain of sugar. We couldn’t climb it because we would fall in. They transport the sugar to the other countries, like the USA, China and Ghana. We had to go back to school so we said bye!

We went back on the bus. We sat down and the bus went. We went past my house. I saw Suncoast. Then we came back to school and we all said it was fun!!!

Sugar Terminal 2 (Small)Sugar Terminal 4 (Small)Sugar Terminal 5 (Small)



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