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Our Pre School caters for children in Grade 000 through to Grade R and Grade SR (Super Readiness or Grade 0)

The Pre-School is run by the Glenashley Junior Primary Trust and all the fully qualified educators are employed by the Trust.

The Pre- school runs independently of the Junior Primary and there is very little contact between the two phases of the school.

The facilities are outstanding, with the benefit of having all the facilities of the Junior Primary available eg Swimming pool, computer room media centre, astro-turf, etc



dsc_1393-custom dsc_1289-custom dsc_1382-custom dsc_1292-custom dsc_1294-custom sharks-board-3 Kayla Fourie and Tristan Frew -Gymnastics art-week-2 dsc_1378-custom dsc_1333-custom dsc_1341-custom dsc_1447-custom


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